Make Your Own Patches for Ripped Jeans

by Tonya Staab

You’ve stretched the knee holes in your jeans and now it’s time to fix them. We show you how to make easy patches for ripped jeans.

Women's denim jeans that have been patched with a floral canvas fabric.
Patch ripped jeans with a pretty floral canvas and embroidery thread.

A few years ago I showed you how to patch women’s jeans with lace. The tear I had in those jeans was on the thigh making it the perfect place to add a pretty piece of lace that wouldn’t stretch too much with movement.

When I bought these jeans though they had holes in the knees that were kind of a rectangular shape. Not only did those holes stretch, but they also split down my shins as well. I didn’t want to put lace in these because they needed something a little tougher that would hold up with me sitting down constantly.

Jeans with knee holes that have stretched and split that need to be patched.
Knee holes in jeans that have stretched and need patching.

How to make patches for ripped jeans

I found a pretty canvas at Joann’s that was perfect for the job. In case you want this particular fabric to patch your own jeans, it’s called ‘Dewdrop Navy Cotton Canvas Fabric’.

One of the best fabrics to patch holes in denim jeans is canvas. This one has flowers on it.
Dewdrop navy cotton canvas fabric is used to patch holes in denim jeans.


  • Canvas fabric or stretchy fabric (preferable for knee holes)
  • Pins
  • Embroidery thread – jeans color and a contrasting color
  • Needle
  • Scissors


Cut a piece of fabric just a little larger than the hole that you need to patch.

Step 1 for making patches for ripped jeans is to cut a piece of canvas fabric a little larger than the hole.
A pretty floral canvas fabric cut to patch holes in women’s denim jeans.

Using a few strands of embroidery thread in a contrasting shade as the jeans, stitch the tear in the jeans so you are left with just the hole to patch.

A tear in denim jeans being repaired by sewing crosses using embroidery thread.
Sew rips in the denim jeans using a few strands of embroidery thread.

Pin the patch inside the hole. Using a few strands of embroidery thread in a similar color as the denim jeans, sew the patch into place.

Step 2 for repairing ripped denim jeans is to sew a canvas patch inside the hole using embroidery thread.
A floral canvas patch was sewed into a jeans hole using embroidery thread.

More ideas for jean patching and repairing

Are you looking for more ways for repairing, patching, or repurposing jeans? Take a look at these too:

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