The Sweetest Kids Tea Party Ideas

by Tonya Staab

We have the sweetest kids tea party ideas including cookie decorating, desserts, and even a guest appearance by a Disney princess.

I had the pleasure of helping Mike’s daughter plan our grandaughter’s 4th birthday party recently. We put together so many pretty things that I had to share our ideas.

pink, blue, and purple tea party ideas for kids on a pallet picnic table.
The prettiest tea party for kids set up outdoors on a pallet picnic table with fluffy cushions.

Kids tea party ideas

As you can see from the image above, we set up the tea party on the back patio. We put together pallets to make a long table which we put tablecloths over, and then added furry cushions around the pallet table for the kids to sit on.

We incorporated a lot of things that we already had for decorating the table, such as a grass runner, food stands, and vases.

What activities do you do at a tea party?

Besides eating a lot of miniature foods, and sipping tea (or lemonade), there are other fun ideas you can incorporate into your kid’s tea party.

Invite a Disney Princess to tea

Invite a Disney Princess to enjoy tea time with the kids. It’s an excellent chance for photo ops, and the kids will love interacting with their favorite princess.

Invite a Disney Princess, like Elsa, to your kids tea party.
Elsa enjoying tea at our granddaughter’s tea party.

Tea party cookie decorating

I put together a cookie decorating tray for the kids. It was full of all kinds of sweet treats.

Tea pot and tea cup shaped cookies with toppings for kids to decorate cookies during a tea party.
A cookie decorating tray for a tea party.
  • Teacup and teapot shaped cookies
  • Pink, purple, and vanilla frosting in piping bags with fun piping tips attached
  • Assorted sprinkles
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Birthday cake Hershey’s kisses

What do you serve at a child’s tea party?

Aside from tea (or lemonade in our case), you will want to serve both savory and sweet finger foods.

We went a little heavy on the desserts but did offer a few savory and healthy options too.

First up, we had a tiered tray with miniature frosted cookies, mini stacked cakes, and cheesecake bites.

A tiered dessert tray with mini stacked cakes, frosted cookies, and cheesecake bites for a tea party.
Cookies, stacked mini cakes, and cheesecake bites for a tea party.

We also offered brownies, which I set on my Easter bunny food stand.

A ceramic tiered bunny food stand with brownie bites being served for a tea party.
Brownie bites on a tiered bunny tray for a tea party.

In keeping with the color scheme, cotton candy was served in individual cups.

Serve cotton candy at your party in individual plastic cups and put them on a tiered food stand.
Pink and blue cotton candy served in plastic cups on a tiered food stand.

For healthy options, there were vegetable sticks with pink ranch in individual cups (which I forgot to take a photo of). There were also watermelon balls with strawberries on tea party picks.

Healthy fruit party picks with watermelon balls and strawberries for a tea party.
Use a melon baller to make balls of watermelon and put them on picks with strawberries.

More kids tea party food

Are you looking for even more yummy tea party food that kids will love? Take a look at these:

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