On a recent hot day when the sun was out and flooding the back yard … yes I know, hard to believe that foggy Monterey had a hot sunny day, right … we decided to keep the fair-skinned ones indoors to play until the shade provided a little more protection outdoors.


To their amusement, we blew up helium balloons.

They made everything turn green and yellow  – including each other.

Rainy Day Activity for kids

They jumped, so, so high to reach their balloons.

indoor fun for kids

They showed their balloons some love and pulled funny faces. 
balloon fun

Such a simple thing.

2 helium balloons. 

Providing hours of entertainment.

Disclosure: Last year at BlogHer ’09 I received a coupon for a free Balloon Time box.  A year later, we keep these on hand, tucked away safe and sound, for when moments like these arise.

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Love and Lollipops September 2, 2010 - 8:02 am

Hi there!!

I’m a recent subscriber and am enjoying receiving “This and That” in my inbox. Love the teddy felt board! I recently made a Maisy felt doll…do your little one’s also like Maisy? If they do…here’s the link…

Take care,

PS. That first photo of your son is just beautiful!!!!

Tonya Staab September 5, 2010 - 5:59 pm

Wow, your felt doll looks amazing. You have a new fan here – a new subscriber too 🙂


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