Make These Treat Jars For Your Next Monster Party

by Tonya Staab
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These monster eye candy treat jars are perfect for a monster party or not-so-scary Halloween party for kids. We have a free printable too.

Looking for a last-minute idea for Halloween, or throwing a monster-themed birthday party?

It’s almost Halloween and if you are looking for an easy, not-so-scary Halloween treat that’s perfect for neighbors, classmates, and friends, make these adorable eyeball monster treat jars. They are also perfect for neighborhood Boo Bags.

small canning jars with colorful candy and eyeballs on top to look like monsters
Candy jars for a monster party.

Note: This project was originally created by me for the HP Myprintly website, however, that website is currently offline, so I have moved the content here.

Monster party candy jars


  • Avery 2″ round labels No. 22807
  • 4oz canning jars (alternatively you can use plastic souffle cups with lids)
  • Candy
  • Eyeball templates – blue, green, red, orange, and yellow
  • Alternatively, download our free printable that you can print straight onto a sticker sheet.


Visit and sign up for your free account

Download the template for Avery round labels 2″ No. 22807.

avery design and print round labels template
Avery design template for labels.

Click on images on the left side and import one of the colored eyeballs.

avery labels blue and black eyeball circle
How to make a monster eye label.

Every label should be the same color. You can either leave it like this if you plan on just doing one color in candy jars, alternatively, if you want to use a few colors, simply click on each label you want to change and replace the image with a different colored eye.

avery labels red and black eyeball template
Make monster eye labels using Avery templates.

Save, and then print your label sheet.

avery round labels sheet template that look like colorful monster eyes
Colorful monster eye labels for a monster party.

Attach an eye to the top of each canning jar.

small canning jars filled with colorful candy with monster eye round labels to go on top
Monster party candy jar party favors.

Fill each jar with candy.

colorful M&M's candy in glass jats with monster eye labels
Colorful M&M’s for a bright and colorful monster party.

If you happen to have plain label sheets available instead of Avery round labels, then you can print our monster eye free printable and then cut out the monster eyes instead.

Your friends will love these fun treat jars.

Pin this for later.

Monster party favor jars Pinterest image

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