The Best Fall Activities To Do With Kids

by Tonya Staab
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We’ve rounded up the best fall activities to do with kids this whether you are looking for outdoor fun, crafts, or party ideas.

Now that we’ve moved to the East coast I’m loving autumn even more. There are actual leaves falling from the trees and changing the most vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red. It’s like nothing we saw in California.

So, aside from taking long drives to look for fall colors, and playing in piles of leaves, there is so much fun to be had all fall long.

Fall activities with kids

100 things to do with kids this autumn

a fall bucket list of 100 activities to do with kids

Do you make a bucket list for each season? This autumn bucket list with 100 things to do will have you experiencing everything fall this season. Click through to the blog post to download and print the list.

Caramel apple dipping table

hand holding a caramel apple slice in front of a caramel apple dipping party table

Pick apples, cut them into slices, and dip them in yummy treats. I’m showing you how to set up an epic caramel apple dipping table, and how to make an apple banner on the Party City website.

Autumn hot chocolate bar

A fall themed hot chocolate bar for the whole family

As the weather starts to get cooler, what could be better than breaking out the hot cocoa? We’ve got really fun stirring sticks, and delicious fall-themed hot chocolate bar ideas for you for a cozy night in.

Fall crafts to do with kids

Fall paper plate crafts

paper plates turned into a pumpkin, scarecrow and turkey

We all have a stash of paper plates leftover from birthday parties and backyard barbecues. Use them to make these 6 fall paper plate crafts with kids this autumn.

Thankful paper chain

thanksgiving paper chain to make with kids

This thankful paper chain can be brought out year after year for everyone to continue adding to it.

Disguise a turkey craft

disguise a turkey craft for kids

Print pictures of turkeys and disguise them in costumes. Take a look at the turkeys we’ve disguised and come up with your own too.

Turkey treats for kids

Scarecrow treat jars

canning jars filled with chocolate balls and decorated like a scarecrow

We have two different scarecrow treat jars for you to make and gift with kids this season. They are also perfect for Thanksgiving dessert for kids who don’t like pie.

Turkey juice boxes

turkey juice box craft

These turkey juice boxes are perfect for story-time, taking to the pumpkin patch, or for the Thanksgiving table for kids.

Cut turkey treats for kids

turkey cupcakes in waffle cones

Fun turkey-themed food is sure to put a smile on their face this autumn. This roundup of turkey treats is adorable, delicious, and perfect for kids to make.

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