Yesterday we attended the preview of Sea World’s newest waterpark in San Diego, Aquatica.


I let the kids have a day off school to attend the event, and for just one day (it happens rarely) I was the best mum in the world. 

We arrived at 10am when it opened and left at 5pm when it closed, and the kids would have stayed longer if they could.

I’ve shared a review and information about Aquatica over at The Mom Reviews this morning, but I wanted to share a few more personal photographs here, as well as some of the fun event photos;  because this was a special preview day there was lots of extra fun including dancers, a band, and special animal encounters.

Sea World San Diego Aquatica
Before we arrived at the event, I’d decided that I was going to do something I don’t do often enough, I was going to step out from behind my camera a little and actually have fun with my children. I locked my camera in the locker in our cabana for part of the time, strapped the key around my arm, took off my cover-up and actually went into the water with the kids, and it felt good. It felt even better to see Marisol so happy as we each sat in our inner tubes and held hands around the lazy river.  It felt good to get over my fear of being seen in a swimsuit in public and enjoy a day of fun and smiles with the kids.

Almost as soon as we arrived Jay found one of his friends and took off for most of the day. I managed to capture a few happy snaps of him from afar, and it warmed my heart to see him enjoying himself and not being stressed about grades and homework.

Aquatica San Diego
Aquatica San Diego
Aquatica San Diego
I think this photo nicely sums up the different personalities of M & F.

Aquatica San Diego
He’s all, yeah, it’s cool, there’s just a bird of prey above my head. She’s more, I’m smiling through this but I’m not going to look until it’s over.

Throughout the day there was lots of swimming, shooting down waterslides, splashing, smiles, and lazing around.

San Diego Aquatica
Sea World Aquatica Rides
Aquatica San Diego
Sea World Aquatica San Diego
Sea World Aquatica San Diego
Aquatica San Diego
There were lots of special animal encounters and entertainment for the special preview day too.

Animal Encounters Aquatica
Animal Encounters Aquatica San Diego
Sea World San Diego Aquatica
Sea World San Diego Aquatica
If you live in San Diego, or are traveling here over the summer, get tickets to spend the day at Aquatica. I recommend reserving a cabana too, not only do you have a refrigerator to keep snacks and drinks you purchase cool, but a free locker is included in the cabana, and you have your own private shaded space to take breaks in throughout the day.

Don’t forget to head over to my friend Jen’s blog to see more of the photos I took throughout the day, and for more information about Aquatica and what you can do there.

Disclosure: The kids and I were treated to a preview day; entrance and meals were provided.

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Ava @ Bouncer Depot May 28, 2017 - 3:57 pm

That looks like so much fun! I LOVE water parks!


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