Do you remember the mask kit my parents sent to Marisol for her birthday – the one that she made on Halloween day?

I loved the kit so much that when my parents asked what the kids would like for Christmas I practically begged for more craft kits from Figtree Hollow Crafts.   So last week when my brother was visiting he brought with him our Christmas gifts from Australia and in amongst them was a gift for each of the twins to be opened early December.  Yesterday while decorating our Christmas tree I gave them their gifts.  They were Christmas Kids Craft Kits, and yes they were from Figtree Hollow Crafts.  Inside each kit were craft supplies to make ornaments and reindeer and also stationery to make gift tags and write a letter to Santa.  Today they worked on the ornaments. 

kid made ornaments easy handmade ornaments for kids

paper Christmas ornaments

Christmas ornaments for kids

Christmas crafts for kids

They make a beautiful and very special centerpiece on our table.

Handmade paper ornaments Handmade ornaments for kids


If you would like more ideas for hand-made ornaments.  Here are a few I have made previously:

Beaded Ornaments


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Tonya Staab December 4, 2009 - 8:52 pm

Did you see the paper plate wreath on Crafty Crow?

That would be a nice, cheap activity for all different levels. You could buy a few bits & bobs that could be glued or they could just use paint depending on their age group. Plus, they could decorate it based on their religion, it doesn’t have to be Christmas themed kwim.

karen December 4, 2009 - 8:18 pm

I have a challenge for you T… my three year goes to a Tot Lot group and I have to come up with a craft activity on the cheap for fifty little kids ranging from 18months to 5yrs. It has to be an activity that can be completed in 15mins with outside elements …. and also not too Christian themed because there are kids with different religions & beliefs.

I’m just kidding on the challenge part but this is something I have to do by Monday. I’m thinking ornaments and am hoping Michael’s or Joanne’s fabric store can save my butt 😉

hmmm maybe pipe cleaners and construction paper…. I’m thinking… trying to at least.

Tonya Staab December 6, 2009 - 11:15 pm

I didn’t make it. I picked it up from Naartjie over a year ago and she’s only just decided that she will wear it … thank goodness it is a bandanna otherwise I’d have been in trouble and it wouldn’t fit her anymore 🙂

Ali December 6, 2009 - 11:00 pm

Hey, T! Did you make Miss M’s hat? I love it! Very cute way to keep her hair out of the paint and glue!

Love all of your crafts, and loving the new site! HUGS & LOVE! Miss you much!A


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