I'm trying to get better about actually completing projects that I've pinned on Pinterest.

I came across a fun LEGO marble maze on Pinterest earlier this week (pinned from Detroit Mommies). I knew immediately that this project would have to be added to the kids summer fun list. I showed it to them and they immediately set to work, each armed with a pile of LEGO and a square green LEGO board.

LEGO marble maze #lego
Can you guess who made the board above? Yes, even LEGO marble mazes need flowers and pretty things on them.

This kid though likes to keep things simple.

LEGO marble maze
They are having so much fun with their mazes and they love that they can switch them around to make them harder, and Marisol has been using two marbles in hers to make it even more difficult.

LEGO marble maze
Set up a few marble mazes for LEGO birthday parties and set a timer to see who can get through the maze the quickest.

Alternatively, cut square boards into quarters. Package each board with a collection of LEGO pieces and a marble so kids can build their own LEGO marble mazes. These will make great party favors.

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