Looking for a simple treat bag idea?

candy gift bags

I didn't have a lot of time this Easter to make fancy gifts for the kids at school (I know, very unlike me), so the little man and I popped down to Target one afternoon and picked out some cute bunny treats together. 

I decided to pretty them up a little instead of handing them out as is, so after digging around in my craft supplies I found some really cute mini paper bags that I had purchased at Michael's recently, they are the Recollections brand and there were 25 in the pack, so the perfect amount. 

I didn't want the treats to slide out of the bag, so I used a single hole punch to punch holes in the top of the bag (either side of the chocolate wrapper) and then threaded some natural hemp twine through the holes and tied it in a bow, securing the chocolate so it wouldn't slip out.

candy gift bags
This looks so much prettier than handing out a simple chocolate bunny.

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