At some stage during BlogHer I received this:

Hello Books

Hello Books: Princess Castle

Ages: 4+

rrp: $9.95

I have no idea where I was, or how I acquired it, but Marisol was over the moon when I showed it to her. 

We love to make our own books.  I feel that it encourages imagination, helps children's reading skills, as well as inspiring a love of books and crafting. 

Princess Castle Book

The kit comes with an accordian style book, removable stickers and lots of ideas for fun things to create.  It's very simple for children to understand.  Marisol was able to look at the pictures and immediately choose the stickers she would need to re-create them in her book.  She also used her crayons to create things like a pond, clouds, grass and a mountain.




Create a princess adventure

This is just one reason why I love attending conferences such as BlogHer.  I am introduced to fabulous companies such as this one.  If you haven't taken a look at the Hello Hanna website, I highly recommend it.  They have some lovely things for children that would make wonderful gifts such as paper dolls, books, and placemats. 

They also have edible cupcake toppers, cupcake stands, and wishing trees, as well as new items on the horizon.  Their books and placemats would also make lovely additions to birthday parties.  Take a look at their ideas gallery.  Such fabulous ideas and beautiful images.

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