20+ of The Best Tissue Paper Crafts

by Tonya Staab
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Grab that tissue paper you’ve been storing in a box and let’s craft. These tissue paper crafts are so bright, colorful, and fun to make too.

What can you do with old tissue paper?

We’ve all received gift bags and boxes filled with tissue paper, flowers wrapped in it, and we’ve probably bought it for giving gifts too. But, what can you do with all of that old tissue paper aside from storing it in a box for later? We have tons of fantastic ideas for you including tissue paper crafts for adults, and tissue paper crafts for kids too.

DIY piñatas

LEGO Joker DIY pinata tutorial
A LEGO Joker pinata made out of a cardboard box and tissue paper.

Homemade pinatas for parties are my favorite craft to make with tissue paper. Check out the roundup below of my favorite DIY piñatas to make for your next celebration. I have everything from mini pull-string piñatas to giant piñatas like the LEGO Joker one pictured above.

Suncatcher poppies craft

Tissue paper poppies suncatcher craft in an embroidery hoop.
A pretty tissue paper poppies suncatcher craft that looks just as pretty hanging on the wall.

Poppies are my favorite flower and I don’t make crafts of them nearly often enough. I absolutely love this tissue paper poppies suncatcher craft though. It looks just as lovely hanging on the wall as it does in a window. You can find my instructions at Kids Activities.

Tissue paper sunflower craft

Tissue paper sunflower craft for kids
A beautiful scrunched tissue paper sunflower craft.

Make this pretty scrunched tissue paper sunflower craft with the kids. This is the perfect craft to make with used tissue paper because it doesn’t matter if it’s torn or crinkled. You can find my full instructions to make your own over at Kids Activities.

Tissue paper hot air balloon

tissue paper hot air balloon craft for kids
A bright and colorful paper mache tissue paper hot air balloon craft.

This paper mache tissue paper hot air balloon craft is made over a few days and is so bright and colorful, that the kids will love it. Put a ring through the top and put it on a string so they can take their toys for a hot air balloon ride across the room. You’ll find my instructions to make this fun craft at Kids Activities.

Leprechaun beard craft

photo prop leprechaun beard for st patricks day
A DIY leprechaun beard photo prop made out of tissue paper.

This DIY leprechaun beard photo prop is perfect for your next St. Patrick’s Day celebration. You could make a white version of this beard for a Santa photo prop for Christmas. I’m sharing the full instructions over at Divine Lifestyle.

Halloween jar candle lights

halloween candle light craft
Jar candle lights made for Halloween.

These jar candle lights were made for Halloween, but get creative and think outside the box. You can make these to use around your home year-round, just use tissue paper colors that match your decor. These are perfect for kid’s spaces too, just make sure to use LED lights that don’t get hot.

Photo prop birthday number craft

birthday number photo prop made out of cardboard and tissue paper
Make fun photo prop birthday numbers for your next party.

You can make these tissue paper birthday numbers any size you like. Make them small to stick on the top of a cake, or huge to put outside in your garden. They are so easy to make and make fun photo props for a party too. You can find my instructions at Kids Activities.

Paper Easter egg craft

Paper Easter egg coloring page covered in scrunched up tissue paper in green and pink.
A colorful Easter egg coloring page craft for kids that uses tissue paper.

I absolutely love this colorful paper easter egg design that uses coloring pages and tissue paper. Kids will love scrunching up small pieces of tissue paper and gluing them onto the coloring page to make a pattern. You’ll find my instructions at Kids Activities.

Apple tree craft for preschoolers

apple tree craft for preschoolers made out of construction paper, popsicle sticks, and tissue paper
An easy apple tree craft for preschoolers using supplies you probably already have.

This fun (and very easy) apple tree craft is perfect for preschoolers. It uses fine motor skills such as drawing, cutting, tearing, and scrunching. You can find my instructions at Kids Activities Blog.

Hocus Pocus Halloween craft

The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus paper plate craft for halloween
These Sanderson Sisters paper plate photo props are perfect for Halloween.

How fun is this Sanderson Sisters Hocus Pocus photo props craft? These are perfect for your Halloween party, last-minute costume, or a Hocus Pocus movie night. Grab my full instructions over at Kids Activities Blog.

Plant parts craft

a flower made out of tissue paper for kids to learn about parts of a plant
A fun craft to help kids learn about different parts of a plant.

Kids will love learning about different parts of a plant with our mixed media plant parts craft and learning activity ideas. You can find all the details at Kids Activities Blog.

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