Movie Themed Snacks For Your Next Movie Night

by Tonya Staab

Are you looking for fun movie night snack ideas? These movie-themed snacks pair perfectly with your family family-friendly movies. Kids will also love them for themed birthday parties too.

We have loads of ideas for movie night fun for the whole family, but here are a few of our favorites.

Handmade Dolittle movie-themed snack tubs

Handmade Dolittle snack tubs using paper cups and filled with popcorn and movie night snacks.
Dolittle movie night snack tubs.

These Dolittle movie night snack tubs are handmade using paper cups and craft paper. Fill them with your favorite snacks for a fun movie night.

The Grinch movie night snacks

The Grinch movie night snacks that are gluten-free.
The Grinch movie night snacks

These snack cups are perfect for The Grinch movie night with the kids. The best part is they are gluten-free for family members who have dietary restrictions.

Wonder Park movie night treats

Wonder Park porcupine cake pops
Wonder Park porcupine cake pops

These porcupine cake pops are inspired by Steve in the Wonder Park movie. They are just the cutest, aren’t they? If you want another Wonder Park movie treat, you can also try my Boomer blue bear cupcakes.

3Below galaxy cupcakes

Dreamworks 3Below galaxy cupcakes with cupcake toppers.
Galaxy cupcakes

These galaxy cupcakes were made for Dreamworks 3Below, but they would be perfect for any galaxy-themed movie night.

Hotel Transylvania movie night treats

Hotel Transylvania rice krispies treats
Hotel Transylvania Rice Krispies treats

These Hotel Transylvania Rice Krispies treats are so easy to make and delicious too. Plus, who doesn’t love Rice Krispies treats?

Wreck It Ralph shakes

Breakfast milkshakes inspired by the Wreck It Ralph movie.
Wreck It Ralph over-the-top shakes.

Whether you like breakfast for dinner, or you want to watch a movie in the morning, these Wreck It Ralph breakfast shakes are perfect.

Jurassic Park volcano bundt cakes

Volcano bundt cakes inspired by the Jurassic World movie.
Jurassic World volcano bundt cakes

Have you watched the Jurassic Park series? Flynn and I watched them all in a weekend we loved them so much. When Jurassic World came out I was asked to create a fun treat for Lady and the Blog and came up with these volcano mini bundt cakes.

Early Man movie-themed food ideas

Early Man movie pudding cups for movie night with the kids
Early Man movie pudding cups

The Early Man movie was so much fun. Did you watch it? We made Early Man movie-themed caveman food trays when we watched it. Then, the ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom asked me to come up with a fun idea for them too so we made Early Man pudding cups.

Peter Rabbit movie night food tray

Movie snacks, treats, and drinks for a Peter Rabbit movie night.
Peter Rabbit movie night food and drinks for kids

I’m sure you remember reading about Peter Rabbit when you were little. Well, the movie is just as sweet. Enjoy a Peter Rabbit themed movie night with the kids with this fun tray of food.

The Wizard of Oz movie themed popcorn boxes

Handmade popcorn tub wrappers themed for the movie Lost in Oz.
Handmade Lost In Oz movie night popcorn tub wrappers.

Whether you are watching Lost in Oz, or the Wizard of Oz, kids will love these Oz themed popcorn tub wrappers.

Secret Life of Pets movie night treats

Baskets of donuts, candy, and Secret Life of Pets tableware for a movie night with kids.
Secret Life of Pets movie night treats

The Secret Life of Pets was a favorite movie here for a while. Flynn loves movies about animals and this one didn’t disappoint. Set up a fun Secret Life of Pets themed snack bar for kids to enjoy while they watch the movie.

Disney’s Descendants poison apple treats

apple slices with chocolate and sprinkles
Disney’s Descendants poison apples movie night treats

A Disney’s Descendants movie marathon is in order one weekend. Watch it on an outdoor movie screen this summer, or closer to Halloween. Doing forget to make our Descendant’s themed poison apple treats.

Paddington movie night treat table

Paddington-inspired stacked mini marmalade cakes.
Stacked mini marmalade cakes inspired by Paddington

You need a Paddington double-feature to enjoy all of our delicious treats. Make our stacked orange marmalade cakes, or set up an entire Paddington treat table including handmade popcorn bags.

Superhero movie night snacks

vanilla ice cream tubs with Baymax eyes drawn on

Looking for fun snacks for a superhero themed movie night? We’ve got a few for you to enjoy including:

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