I was shopping at Cost Plus World Market yesterday when I came across these fabulous travel bingo boards.

Road Trip Games for Kids

We love going on road trips, and like to do things that are educational along the way so I absolutely love these.  And there's the added bonus of how flat they are and that they stack so neatly.  I have since tracked down the Auto Bingo on Amazon, just be sure that you are buying different cards.  Each topic – Auto Bingo, Traffic Safety Bingo and Interstate Highway Bingo come with different images (so each player isn't working with identical cards) and I found some in different colors too – for example, I found different Auto Bingo cards in green and pink.  They also have a few sets available on Kids Love Travel.

If you are looking for even more travel games you can play with kids that don't cost anything, and use a whole lot of imagination, here are my top 5 Games to beat road trip boredom: 

The Alphabet Game:

Starting with the letter ‘A’ family
members need to be on the lookout for something that begins with that
letter.   The first person to spot something is the winner, and then
you move onto the next letter.

The Picnic or Grocery Store Game:

A family member starts the game by
saying “I went to a picnic and took an …” or “I am going to the grocery store
to buy a …” The first word begins with an ‘A’; the next person says the
sentence, including the ‘A’ word and includes something that begins with the
letter ‘B’.  The game ends when someone cannot remember the entire list.

The Scavenger Hunt:

Before setting off on the road trip
give each family member a jar, small notepad and pencils (or crayons) and a
list of things they need to find.  For items that they cannot put into the
jar they need to draw a picture of that item and put the picture in the jar
instead.   Not only do they have a fun road trip activity, but they
also have memories from the road trip stored in their jar to take home with

What Am I?:

This is my daughters’ favorite game
at the moment and it’s a take on a ‘sharing bag’ they do in kinder. 
Choose an item (in your head) for example a stop sign.  Give just 3 clues
to the other players, such as, it begins with the letter ‘S’, it is red, and it
is an octagon.  The first person to guess the correct item is the
winner.  The winner then thinks of the next item and gives the clues.

The Counting Game:

On different popsicle sticks write
items that the kids have to find on the road trip such as a green car, green
sign, or green light.  The kids draw a stick and whatever item is on their
stick is what they have to look for.  Whoever finds 100 of their item
first is the winner.

Award fun prizes for game winners
such as:

  • Winner gets to choose a between meal treat for the
    family to enjoy (such as ice-cream)
  • Winner is given options of family activities and they
    get to choose which one the family will do
  • Winner chooses the next game to be played.

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Leisa Dreps April 24, 2012 - 7:31 am

Setting an itinerary has always been a key to an organized and fun road trip. Still, it would be good to set a space for some free time during the trip. Doing so can provide a window for an unexpected adventure or two!


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