Classroom Valentine Ideas That Kids Will Love

by Tonya Staab

Whether you are looking for snack ideas, valentine’s day cards, or activities, we’ve got a great roundup of classroom Valentine ideas.

Classroom Valentine ideas

Class Valentine cards

Instead of purchasing cards for your kids to hand out this year, offer to help the teacher make these in class, or make them at home for your child to hand out to their friends.

grouchy ladybug valentines day cards for kids to make
Grouchy Ladybug Valentine’s Day cards for kids.

These Grouchy Ladybug Valentine’s Day cards are perfect for the kids to make at school after you read The Grouchy Ladybug book to them. I’ve got all the details to make this fun craft at Harper Kids.

Kool-Aid Valentines

printable I think you're kool cards with packets of Kool-Aid attached
I think you’re kool Valentines for kids to give to classmates.

Put a little color in a classmate’s day with these I Think You’re Kool Valentine’s Day cards. I’ve got a free printable for you to download so all you need to do is attach a packet of Kool-Aid and write on a name.

Painted heart Valentine’s Day cards

Painted hearts attached to construction paper cards for Valentine's Day
Painted heart Valentine’s Day cards are perfect classrooms.

These painted heart Valentine’s Day cards are the perfect art activity for the classroom this Valentine’s Day. The kids can make them for their classmates, or send them home for their parents. I’ve got all the details on Kids Activities Blog.

Minion Valentines

twinkies wrapped in minion paper wrappers
Twinkies wrapped in a free printable Minion wrapper.

I’m not sure if these adorable Minion Twinkies belong in the gift card or snack section of this post, but kids are going to love them. I also show you how to use my free printable Minion template to make push-up cupcakes, and you can wrap them around raisin boxes too.

Valentine snacks for the classroom

The yummy snacks are perfect for your classroom Valentine’s Day party.

Mandarin love bugs

mandarin orange love bug craft for Valentine's Day
Adorable mandarin orange love bugs.

These super cute mandarin orange love bugs are almost too adorable to eat, but if you are looking for a healthy Valentine’s Day snack, then this is the perfect one.

Valentine’s Day cupcakes

vanilla cupcakes topped with red and white icing and a heart cupcake topper for Valentines Day
Valentine’s Day cupcakes with a cupcake topper heart.

These Valentine’s Day cupcakes and the cups filled with yummy treats are from an article I wrote for 5 Minutes for Mom with room mom tips for hosting a Valentine’s Day classroom party.

Valentine’s Day snack cups

Valentine's Day paper drinking cups filled with yummy snacks like conversation hearts and a lollipop
Valentine’s Day snacks in party cups.

Fill paper drinking cups with yummy snacks. This is a great way to keep everything together on the table in front of each child.

Heart eye emoji lollipops

homemade heart eye emoji lollipops
Homemade Jolly Rancher heart eye emoji lollipops.

Nothing says love like the heart eye emoji and kids will love these heart eye emoji lollipops. The best part is they are so easy to make.

Valentine’s Day fairy bread

Valentine's Day fairy bread for kids
Valentine’s Day fairy bread party treats.

This Valentine’s Day Fairy Bread treat is made completely with love in mind. These are perfect to put out on a tray for your classroom Valentine’s Day party. I’ve got all the details to make your own at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Chocolate-covered strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries with red sprinkles for Valentine's Day
Chocolate-covered strawberries with red sprinkles are perfect for Valentine’s Day parties.

These chocolate-covered strawberries are perfect for Valentine’s Day classroom parties. We also have white chocolate-covered strawberries too. Mix and match for a colorful party tray.

Emoji cupcakes

heart eye emoji cupcakes for Valentine's Day
Blow a kiss or throw some heart eyes with these emoji cupcakes.

These Valentine’s Day themed emoji cupcakes are so easy to make, but perfect for your classroom Valentine’s Day party. We used store-bought cupcakes and made the cupcake toppers.

Valentine’s Day classroom crafts

Teachers and homeschool parents, are you looking for fun crafts to do with the kids? Take a look at these!

Love bug paper craft

a construction paper love bug painted by kids for Valentine's Day
An adorable love bug paper craft for kids.

I’m over at Kids Activities showing you how to make these absolutely adorable paper love bugs with the kids. I love that each love bug has it’s own personality and no two will be the same.

Valentine’s Day picture frames

valentines day picture frames
Valentine’s Day picture frames for kids.

These Valentine’s Day picture frames are the perfect gift for parents and grandparents. The kids are going to have so much fun getting a little messy painting and decorating them.

More classroom Valentine’s Day ideas

Are you looking for even more ideas? Take a look at these:

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