10 Last-Minute Classroom Valentine’s Day Gifts

by Tonya Staab
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These 10 last-minute classroom Valentine’s Day gifts that you can make with kids are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

My two youngest kids are heading into high school later this year and are well past the age of wanting to make Valentine’s Day classroom gifts. I really miss that age. Although if truth be told I loved making these more than the kids did.

Here are 10 last-minute gifts and cards kids can make this Valentine’s Day and give to their classmates.

You’re One In A Minion Valentine

minion wrappers for valentines day gifts
Minion printable wrappers for Valentine’s Day food gifts.

These ‘You’re One In A Minion‘ Valentines are my most downloaded printable. Wrap them around boxes of raisins, Twinkies, or make cake pops with them.

You’re A Hoot Valentine

lollipops with paper owl covers that say crazy 4U and melt my heart
Handmade owl lollipops for Valentine’s Day

These ‘You’re a Hoot‘ Valentines I created a few years ago for The Centsible Life blog. This is a great weekend craft project for the kids.

Ladybug Valentine’s Day Card

handmade valentines cards inspired by the grouchy ladybug book
Ladybug Valentine’s Day cards inspired by Hugs & Kisses for The Grouchy Ladybug book.

These Ladybug Cards are part of a book and craft series I’ve been doing over at Harper Kids. Get creative during storytime with the kids this weekend. Take this book into the classroom to read and then hand out the handmade cards.

Halo’s Love Bugs

Love bugs made from Halo’s clementines.

These Halo’s Love Bugs for Valentine’s Day are not only adorable, but they are healthy and delicious too.

You Are Ah-MAZE-ing Valentine

Miniature LEGO marble maze gift with free printable gift tag.
LEGO marble maze Valentine’s Day gift with free printable gift tag.

We are still big fans of all things LEGO, and kids are going to love these LEGO marble maze Valentine’s that I created for The Centsible Life.

Jolly Rancher Heart Eye Emoji Lollipops

DIY emoji lollipops for Valentine's Day
Handmade emoji lollipop gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Kids are all about emoji fun, so they are bound to love these Jolly Rancher Heart Eye Emoji Lollipops.

Peel The Love Mandarin Valentine’s

Peel the love labels on clementines for Valentine's Day
Peel the love gift tags on Halo’s mandarins.

These Peel the Love Halo’s mandarin Valentine’s are perfect for classrooms who have strict rules about candy and sweets in the classroom.

I Think You’re Kool Valentine

packets of colorful Kool Aid on printable Valentine's Day cards that say I think you're Kool.
Kool-Aid gift cards for classroom Valentine’s Day gifts.

I made these years and years ago for the kids to hand out one year for Valentine’s Day. They still enjoy Kool-Aid every once in a while as a special treat, especially at parties. Grab the free I Think You’re Kool printable and put a little color in someone’s day.

LEGO Heart Necklace

red lego heart necklace with silver chain
LEGO heart necklace.

Surprise your LEGO lover with this handmade LEGO heart necklace this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Fairy Bread

Valentine's Day fairy bread party treats for classroom parties.
Heart-shaped fairy bread for Valentine’s Day.

This edible Valentine’s Day Fairy Bread gift is made completely with love in mind. Wrap them in parchment paper or pop them into a little ziploc bag and into a gift bag, or pop a tray out in the classroom for everyone to enjoy during the class party.

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