Miss M just loves hair accessories and I'm always looking for simple inexpensive ways to make her new ones. Also, we have so many packages of bobby pins in the house that it's about time I start prettying them up a little, because let's face it, there are only so many bobby pins we can use at one time, right.

how to make simple flower hair pins
I was shopping at Michael's craft store recently when I came across packets of Recollections goodies on sale. I found a package of six flowers for just a couple of dollars so I grabbed them and used two, along with a couple of bobby pins to whip up a couple of new flower hair pins.

What you need:

  • Recollections flowers
  • Bobby pins
  • E6000 glue
  • felt scraps

Begin by gluing the bobby pin to the flower.

how to make flower hair pins
Cut out a small felt circle (I used a washer to get the correct size). Attach a little glue to the back of the flower around the bobby pin (not on the bobby pin). Open the bobby pin and slide the felt circle up and press it down onto the glue. Set aside to dry. This just re-inforces the flower so that it doesn't come off the bobby pin.

how to make flower hair pins
That's it, you are done!

bobby pin flower
You could purchase a couple of packages of pre-made flowers and make little flower hair pins to give as party favors for a tea or garden party, or they could be used in lieu of party harts. Either pop one onto place cards, or place onto a scalloped edge card that has been stamped with a 'thank you' message. Place the card into a pretty paper bag and place it on each little girl's place setting.

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