Pomegranate Days at the Oasis Camel Dairy | Tonya Staab

Twice a year the Oasis Camel Dairy host special event days where visitors can tour the farm, feed the camels, and then ride them.  This weekend is Pomegranate Days at the farm, and over the summer they host Watermelon Days, which run in a similar fashion, if you swap out the pomegranates for watermelons of course.

If you live in Southern California you may have seen Gil and Nancy at the Orange County Fair, or the San Diego Fair; we have always loved the turkey races they put on at the San Diego Fair.  You may have also seen the Oasis Camel Dairy (and Gil and Nancy) featured on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe and Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

If you didn't have a chance to go to Pomegranate Days today, then head up there tomorrow, the kids will love it.

The special event days start around 1pm, but you can arrive as early as 12:30 which is great if you want to wander around and see some of the farm animals and find a great spot in the shade to watch the bird show that they put on for about 20 minutes to kick things off.  

oasis camel dairy
oasis camel dairy
Oasis camel dairy ramona
oasis camel dairy
Oasis camel dairy
oasis camel dairy

Feeding camels at the camel dairy
oasis camel dairy
oasis camel dairy
Yes, even I got on a camel.  I've decided it's time to start living a little instead of sitting on the sidelines taking photos all the time.

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