My obsession with treat and cake stands continues. I've had to build a new shelf in one of our kitchen cabinets to store them.

DIY cupcake stand
This stand was made from a couple of thrift store finds.

I found a frosted glass and gold dish at one thrift store a few months ago for 99 cents and then found the perfect stand for it just recently at Goodwill for $1.99.

how to make a cupcake stand
I cleaned both pieces andried them thoroughly, and then using a tube of E6000 glue I attached them, leaving the two pieces together overnight to ensure they were completely dry and sealed.

I then sprayed the cupcake stand with three coats of Krylon Brushed Metallic in Nickel, followed by a coat of clear enamel spray.

DIY treat stand
Oh it looks so shiny and pretty now. I'm even thinking about using it as a jewelry stand on my bathroom counter.

But for now, it has a cupcake on it … a Sprinkles cupcake no less … or it did, before I ate it.

DIY treat and cupcake stand

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