The Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach

by Tonya Staab
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Summer fun with kids at the Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach where the kids get to play in the mud for hours.

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Last summer, my friend Desiree shared photographs on social media of her kids have fun on wood rafts and playing in mud at the Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach. I made it my mission to take my kids there, but of course didn’t realize at the time that it is only open for the summer. So this year it was on my list.

Today, my oldest son had to pick up parts for his car not too far from the Adventure Playground, and it was over 100 degrees at our house, (no, I’m not kidding), so we packed towels and a change of clothes and took off for the cooler coastal weather.

It doesn’t rain a lot here in Southern California, so how many opportunities do the kids get to play in giant mud puddles? Next to none!

As you can see there was a LOT of mud and water play. And it was fabulous.

What To Do At The Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach

They played on wood rafts.
And climbed on ropes above the muddy water.
And slid down mud slides.

But, a fun day like this comes with a price … a load of muddy laundry to take care of as soon as we got home.

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