5 Homemade Taco Recipes Perfect for Taco Tuesday

by Tonya Staab
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Do you celebrate Taco Tuesday, Taco Thursday, or tacos every day? These 5 homemade taco recipes are perfect no matter what day.

Taco recipes

Shrimp and corn tacos with guacamole

These shrimp and corn tacos are delicious, light, and healthy(ish). Pair them with homemade guacamole and corn chips and you have a delicious meal.

two shrimp and corn tacos on a white plate with lime

Beer-battered fish tacos

We all love battered fish. Mike and Flynn go fishing often and Mike makes the best fried and battered fish. We haven’t tried our hand at handmade beer-battered fish yet though, but when we do we will be remaking these beer batter fish tacos.

beer batter fish tacos on cabbage and corn with lime and cilantro

Budweiser beer-battered shrimp tacos

Set up a taco bar in the backyard this summer. Use a portable camp stove to heat tortillas to make these delicious Budweiser Beer-Battered Shrimp Tacos with coleslaw. It doesn’t get easier than that. Then you can use the camp stove to make s’mores afterward too.

beer-battered shrimp tacos with coleslaw

Grilled fish street tacos

Freshly caught fish on the grill paired with a homemade red cabbage and corn salad is perfect for summer. You can find my recipe to make these delicious grilled fish street tacos over at Make and Takes.

grilled fish corn tacos with red cabbage and corn

Bacon, egg, and potato breakfast taco bar

Breakfast for dinner anyone? These might be quick, easy, and delicious for brunch, but breakfast tacos are also perfect for those nights you want breakfast for dinner too. This taco bar is the best way to entertain and feed family coming over for weekend brunch as well.

bacon, egg, and potatoes on a serving tray

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