Family Scrapbook Page Ideas and Layouts

by Tonya Staab
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If you’ve wondered how to start a family scrapbook, we’ve put together beautiful family scrapbook page ideas and layouts for inspiration.

I have been slowly putting together scrapbook pages of the kids and I. Eventually, I will put together a family album along with individual albums for each of the kids that will be passed onto them as they get older.

Family scrapbook ideas

Marisol and Flynn are 6 days old in this photo. You can see just how different they were in this photo and that has never changed.

boy girl twin babies scrapbook page idea
A scrapbook page of baby boy and girl twins.

These next two pages of all three kids make my heart happy. These pages will go into the family scrapbook.

family scrapbook page ideas of kids
A scrapbook photo page of three kids.
A family scrapbook idea for portraits taken of kids with picture perfect scrapbook paper.
A picture-perfect family portrait scrapbook page.

These next three scrapbook pages will go in each of the kids individual scrapbooks.

red and black scrapbook page for a teenage boy
A scrapbook page for a teenage boy.
a pink and purple scrapbook page with butterflies
Pink and purple scrapbook page for a little girl with butterflies.
a blue and green scrapbook page with helicopters.
A scrapbook page for a little boy who loves helicopters.

The following scrapbook pages were from a small Mother’s Day album that I made for myself one year. I’m so glad I kept photos of these pages because after several house moves I have no idea where that scrapbook is now. Hopefully I will come across it in the boxes in our attic because these pages bring me so much joy. If not, at least I can print these off and make a new one.

A mother and son family scrapbook ideas with a word find puzzle on it.
Mother and son scrapbook page including a homemade word find.
pink scrapbook page with flower embellishment for a little girl
A pink scrapbook page for a little girl with flowers.
an elegant scrapbook page for a little boy wearing a hat
Adorable little boy wearing a hat on a beautiful scrapbook page.
the best scrapbook page for a boy who loves to climb trees.
A boy climbing a tree on a nature scrapbook page.
A pretty pink and green mother daughter family scrapbook page idea with pink hearts.
Mother and daughter scrapbook page with flowers and hearts.

More scrapbook page ideas for a scrapbook that I’m making for Jay. Two of these pages are of him with a friend when he was in elementary school. The last one is of his middle school graduation.

scrapbook page ideas for boys
Boys playing outdoors on a scrapbook page.
scrapbook page ideas for a boys album.
Goofy boys pulling faces on a scrapbook page.
a graduation scrapbook page
A middle school graduation scrapbook page.

More scrapbook page layout ideas

Are you looking for even more scrapbook page layout ideas? Take a look at these including homemade scrapbook albums.

Have you made a family scrapbook? Share a link of yours in the comments that other scrapbookers can use for inspiration.

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