Around the time of BlogHer I received an email from Christy Nelson asking if I'd like to participate in her craft challenge.  How could I say no.  One should never challenge me when it comes to crafting, it's like double dog daring me.  So she said I would return from New York to a little box waiting and it would be full of goodies.

This is what I came home to.

craft challenge

I kid you not, I freaked out just a little.  What on earth was I going to do with black polyester fabric, paper from Italy, blue glass beads, hardware from Ikea and adhesive squares.  I decided to pop it into the too hard basket and contemplate what I would do.  Then time seemed to escape me and on Monday I noticed Christy had posted a note saying that photographs needed to be submitted by the next evening.  As in last night.  I think the color drained from my face at that moment, but I also work much better under pressure.  After staring at the box of goodies for 2 hours yesterday morning I decided to drive to the craft store for some inspiration.  On the way there though it came to me.

make a necklace out of scraps
A necklace and a pouch.

The rules of the challenge were that I had to use some of every item provided, but I could use other items too.  I could only make 1 item, but could make packaging too (hence the bag).

So here is how the items provided came to be a piece of jewelery.

necklace tutorial

Step 1: Use hot glue to attach the washer to the black tube (I have no idea what that thing is actually used for)

Step 2: Attach the paper squares to the tube/washer using the adhesive squares.  Use a black paint pen to fix up the seam between the 2 pieces of paper.  Then coat with 2 layers of mod podge.

Step 3: Thread hemp cord through a fancy jewelery ring and then up through the center of the black tube.

Step 4: I found quite a few black beads in my bead organizer that were the perfect size for slotting inside the black tube.  Using a little hot glue I secured them, thus also keeping the cord in place, added a couple of more decorative beads to the top and then tied a knot above the beads and at the end of the cord.

The bag:

The bag was very quick and easy to make.

Cut out a rectangle of fabric and sew 3 sides.  Turn over the top and stitch, leaving enough room to thread hemp cord through, then stitch the gap.  Tie a couple of knots into the hemp cord, thread on some beads and tie knots at the end of the beads to secure them.

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by little hands August 27, 2010 - 3:02 am

This looked like so much fun!!!! I might have to plan to “challange” my kids one day.

Candice August 27, 2010 - 11:53 am

What a fun challenge and a great use of your materials.

Cassi August 27, 2010 - 10:39 pm

Boy, that was a real challenge and you triumphed, great job!

Tonya Staab August 29, 2010 - 5:38 pm

ooh, I think you are onto something. Love the idea of challenging the kids.

Tonya Staab August 29, 2010 - 5:38 pm

Why thank you. I have to say, no matter how daunting it is, I love a good challenge and getting this ‘ole brain going.


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