I have been cleaning out my office/craft room over the past couple of weeks – you have no idea the state it was and still is in.

I came across a cross-stitch I had done when I was a teenager, maybe even pre-teen – wow, maybe 25 years ago.   Oh good grief, I just realized how old that made me sound.   I couldn't believe I still had it.   It must have been one of the first cross-stitch projects I had ever done.  I thought it would look lovely in Marisol's bedroom, so I painted and stamped a basic wood frame to display it in.


Have you come across things from your childhood that you had completely forgotten about?

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Allison September 15, 2010 - 2:07 pm

Just beautiful. What a special memory to share with your children. I *Heart* cross stitch…maybe I need to follow suite and make something for my kids when they get older…thanks for sharing!


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