Looking for tips to improve your iphoneography skills? These ones are worth a look.

BlogHer iPhoneography session

The iPhoneography panel at the BlogHer conference consisted of:

I am fascinated by iPhoneography, so this session really appealed to me and I came away with some fabulous tips, and new apps to try. 

Apps I now want to try:

One other app that intrigued me is Easy Release which is perfect if you are taking photos of people and want to make sure it is okay to publish their photos.  Just don't be all sleazy about it.  Sometimes though you just see the perfect shot and want to take it, but of course don't want to use that shot without permission.

For even more great iPhone apps that the ladies love, take a look at the iPhoneography Pinterest board they created. 

Other things I now want to look into as well:

  • Find the perfect app with a timer function for taking photographs with myself in them.
  • Set up a Posterous account to feed all of my iPhone photographs into.

For more tips read the entire live blog of the iPhoneography session.


My favorite apps at the moment, that I've been using consistently for a while now, are Snapseed, ScratchCam, VSCO Cam, Camera+ and of course Instagram which is what I feed all of my photographs through to send to various social media sites.

I also just recently purchased iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide.  I'm looking forward to learning even more.

I hope this gave you lots of tips for your own iPhoneography journey.


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Km August 13, 2012 - 12:31 pm

Thank you so much for sharing about this session!!!!!! I can’t wait to check out all your links… iPhone-graphy is changing the world isn’t it?! It sure has changed me… I have felt newfound sense of freedom with my iPhone pictures. No pressure for perfection,… It is all about the moment and the memory! You are one of the very first bloggers who encouraged me to embrace phone pics and I will be forever thankful! Xoxoxo

Tonya Staab August 13, 2012 - 12:47 pm

That's so nice to hear, thank you, and I absolutely adore all of the photos you post on Instagram, you have an amazing eye for catching that perfect moment.


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