Bubble blowing is huge at our house.  The kids love getting outside and blowing bubbles and trying to catch them.  I always keep a little bubble blower in my handbag for when we are waiting for an outdoor event to start or are running early for an appointment and want to entertain the kids for a few minutes. Let's not forget the never ending assortment of bubble blowers we receive at children's birthday parties and events. 

As the kids have used up the bubbles though I have hated throwing away all of the empty containers and bubble wands so I've been hoarding some of them, just waiting for the perfect solution.  And let's not forget the cost of buying bubble solution on a regular basis.  Then I saw it, a recipe for making bubble solution, on where else, but Martha Stewart.   Although I didn't make the wand, because I have so many I lost count, but the bubble solution recipe was fantastic and so easy to make, I only wish I'd seen it earlier – just think water, dishwashing liquid and corn syrup.

Her recipe filled 2 juice bottles perfectly, so now we have plenty of bubbles to refill the smaller containers as needed, plus the little bottles I keep in my handbag and to pour directly into their larger bubble wand containers. 

Homemade bubble solution

Bubble Blowing

This proved to be quite an interesting experiment for the kids too.  They tried out a lot of the different bubble blowers in the tub to see which ones blew the most bubbles, the biggest, and the smallest bubbles.

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Tonya Staab April 23, 2011 - 6:45 pm

I just wish I had looked up how to do this sooner.  The kids had a blast today and this solution I'm sure worked much better than the store-bought.  The bubbles my daughter was blowing were huge.

Jamie @ hands on : as we grow April 23, 2011 - 3:17 pm

I’m definitely making my own bubbles this year! 🙂 My collection is getting out of hand as well… lol


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