Pinkalicious Party Ideas Including Crafts and Printables

by Tonya Staab
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Get creative for your Pinkalicious party with these magical and fun crafts, activities, and printables that are Pinkalicious-approved!

A girl reading Pinkalicious, making a crown and wand, and having a pink cupcake.
Grab a copy of Pinkalicious, make a crown and wand, and enjoy a cupcake!

My daughter absolutely loves Pinkalicious by Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann. We decided to spend a day, recently, reading the book and doing some fun activities and craft projects inspired by it.

Note: I originally created this post for the website Rusty and Rosy, however that website is now offline so I moved my content over here.

Pinkalicious fun for kids

We began our day by reading the book together and talking about all of the funny things that happen, then we sat down and planned the rest of our day. Of course, the first thing my daughter wanted to do was bake pink cupcakes, just like in the book.

Pinkalicious cupcakes

We went to the store to buy ingredients and then baked the cupcakes together. She cracked the eggs and poured the ingredients into the bowl, and then mixed the ingredients together. Once our cupcakes were baked and cooled, I piped on bright pink frosting.

A little girl holding a pink cupcake topped with pink frosting for a Pinkalicious treat.
A yummy strawberry cupcake with pink frosting is a fun Pinkalicious treat.

Pinkalicious crafts

While the cupcakes were baking, we set to work making a crown and wand, just like Pinkalicious wears when she dresses up. These are perfect for a Pinkalicious party or even a Halloween costume.

Crown and wand craft supplies

  • Gold glitter foam crown and/or gold glitter foam sheet
  • Pink glitter glue
  • Wood dowel rod
  • Pink ribbon
  • Pink acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot glue

How to make a foam crown and wand

A little girl wearing a diy gold foam crown and gold foam wand for Pinkalicious storytime.
Use gold glitter foam, glitter glue, a wood dowel, ribbon, and pink paint to make this crown and wand.

If you weren’t able to purchase a gold foam crown at the craft store, sketch a crown shape on the back of your foam sheet and cut it out. You will need to staple elastic to it to keep it on your head.

A pretty pink and gold crown craft for kids.

Put pink glitter glue on the top of the crown and set it aside to dry.

You need a gold glitter foam sheet, pink paint, wood dowel rod, and pink ribbon to make a princess wand.

Paint the wood dowel rod with pink paint and set it aside to dry.

To make the star for the wand, use a cookie cutter, or print a star using PicMonkey or Canva. Trace it onto the back of the foam sheet and cut it out. You will need two stars.

Wrap pink ribbon around a pink dowel rod and glue it into place for the wand.

Put glue on one end of the wood dowel rod and wrap the ribbon around it.

Put more glue over the top and on the inside of both stars and press them together over the ribbon.

Glue gold foam stars onto the pink dowel rod to turn it into a wand.
A pretty pink and gold star wand for kids to make.

Pinkalicious printables

Free pinkalicious activity page
Free Pinkalicious activity sheet. Click the link to download and print.

Download and print our free Pinkalicious activity page. The kids can draw and color their favorite scene from the book and complete the word search.

A girl reading the Pinkalicious book and drawing a picture.
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Pinkalicious crafts and party ideas with free printable pinterest

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