Do you remember making pom-poms when you were growing up?  I must have made thousands over them over the years.  I’d attach them to hats and scarves and hang them on the Christmas tree.  I had completely forgotten about them for the past few years, but upon going through all of the bookmarked crafts that I plan to do one day, I realized I had saved so many wonderful ways you can use these fluffy balls.  So tonight I did this:


The idea came from BUGS AND FISHES BY LUPIN.  I love what she did with hers.  I plan on making a lot more of these in different colors, patterns and sizes to use on gifts in the future instead of those awful plastic store-bought bows.  I can’t wait to make pom-poms for all of the Christmas gifts this year to put under the tree.  How fun.

There are so many other fantastic ideas I have bookmarked for pom poms.

Such as these:

Pom-Pom Tom at Martha Stewart

Pom-Pom Flowers at Domestic Fluff

Pom-Pom Peds at The Purl Bee

Pom-Pom Christmas Tree from Interweave Knits (podcast & pattern available at Craft)

If you have never made a pom pom before there are a couple of easy tutorials at Kid Craft Central and Bella Dia.  Although I do find it easier to use pieces of craft foam as opposed to cardboard because it’s more flexible when taking it off the pom-pom at the end and can be re-used.

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Kat April 16, 2009 - 5:00 pm

I totally forgot about pom poms and I loved making these as a kid. Can’t wait to try them again!!!

Michelle Meyers April 20, 2009 - 5:00 pm

OMG, your article was great I used it last weekend. I found another website with a bunch of good how 2 articles. The website is My friends and I have been using it for the last few weeks and it is sooooooooo perfect!!! We posted a few of our own recipes on it. You can put your link on it too, so more people will read your article!!!! 😉

BugsandFishes April 22, 2009 - 5:00 pm

Oooh, that looks great – its so nice to see other people parcels done up with pompoms! Thanks for the link happy pompom making, Lupin x

The Collins Family April 25, 2009 - 5:00 pm

I’ve never made a pom pom! your package was so cute though, I may just have to learn how!


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