There is still enough time to get crafting and give your kids handmade gifts this holiday season.

Handmade gifts for kids

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African American Mom November 17, 2009 - 11:17 am

I was searching crafts on the internet and somehow came across your blog. I looked further than the crafts and now I am stuck. Love reading about your military life. Reminds me of my childhood. I’m a military brat. Not sure if that is good or bad.

Adrian November 19, 2009 - 7:39 pm

I love how you’ve organized the info so it’s not so overwhelming. Not everyone does such a good job with that. Looks nice.

KGI November 24, 2009 - 10:59 am

Very very nice! Awesome crafts!

gifts November 29, 2009 - 3:32 am

With the festive season of Christmas closing in many of us take the calm organized approach in knowing exactly what your loved ones and friends wish for. The gifts are probably already wrapped, tagged and stored away, waiting for the 25th to hopefully bring a little joy and big smile to the recipient’s face. Others find this yearly ritual stressful and are probably too busy with their hectic life styles that for them the best way to cope is to do the mad dash for gifts on Christmas Eve. Whichever method of choice works best for you, there is still that decision in making your selection a fitting one for the lucky person in question. Once those gifts are purchased it’s just fingers crossed that duplicate items from other folk are not making their way under the tree. We all want to give and receive something special and different, not the run of the mill pair of socks that you mischievously rewrapped for your dad as an extra little prezzy.


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